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Harrison Ford OnlineA Fansite for a Legend

Harrison FordOnline

A Fansite for a Legend

Welcome to Harrison Ford Online

August 23rd, 2015



Welcome! Harrison Ford has always been one of my favorite actors. He’s truly a legend! My favorite character is Han Solo but Indiana Jones is a very close second. I also really loved him in Air Force One, Regarding Henry, The Age of Adaline, and What Lies Beneath. He’s one of the best actors and seems like an amazing person as well.


I’ve just started this website for Mr. Ford and it’s going to take me probably years to get it complete considering the length of his career so please check back often to see what’s been added. And follow us on Twiter at @HarrisonOnline. I’m looking for Elite/Top affiliates for the site. Elites is mainly for Harrison’s many co-stars. Please fill out the form here to apply.


A special thank you to Kaci for her help getting some of the photoshoots and this great website theme.

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