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The Force Awakens: Harrison Ford coming to Sydney to promote latest Star Wars movie

November 15th, 2015


LOOK out Sydney. Han is flying Solo.


The biggest star in what is arguably the biggest movie of the year is set to exhilarate fans with a surprise visit next month as part of the upcoming release of the hugely ­anticipated Star Wars: The Force Awakens.


Harrison Ford, who is ­reprising his role as Han Solo in the new instalment, is ­expected to front an exclusive fan event at The Sydney Opera House in the lead-up to the film’s star-studded premiere, which is expected to be held on December 17.


Ford’s appearance, his first-ever Star Wars-related trip Down Under, is expected to be one of the hottest tickets in town for fans though details of how to snare a place in the crowd are yet to be released.

An Opera House source said details surrounding Ford’s visit have been cloaked in secrecy, such is the anticipation surrounding his visit.


“It doesn’t get much bigger than Harrison, really, in terms of who fans really want to see.”


Somewhat of a media ­recluse who rarely gives ­interviews, Ford famously stunned fans of the Star Wars franchise back in July when he arrived unannounced on stage at the international comic convention Comic-Con.


“It should have felt ridiculous, it was 30 years ago,” Ford said of returning to the role which made him a household name.


“I was very gratified when I read the script because I read something that I thought was really remarkable, really well-written and with some very intriguing developments.”


The Force Awakens, ­released in cinemas on ­December 17, picks up about 30 years after the events of ­Return Of The Jedi.



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