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There is an amazing podcast called The Cine-Files featuring filmmaker Steve Morris and media presenter and actor John Rocha. Throughout over fifty podcasts they’ve covered some classic films in their discussions about film, filmmaking, and the overall enjoyment of film. A couple of weeks ago they did one on Harrison’s film BLADE RUNNER in advance of the sequel BLADE RUNNER 2049 to come out in October starring Harrison who will reprise his role of Rick Deckard and Ryan Gosling. This podcast is a good primer for your enjoyment of Ridley Scott’s cult film also starring Rutger Hauer (Roy Batty), Sean Young (Rachel Tyrell), Joe Turkel (Eldon Tyrell), Daryl Hannah (Pris), Joanna Cassidy (Zhora), Edward James Olmos (Gaff), M. Emmett Walsh (Bryant), James Hong (Hannibal Chew), William Sanderson (J. F. Sebastian), Morgan Paull (Holden) and the late Brion James (Leon). The incredible score was composed and conducted by Vangelis, and features stunning visuals from Douglas Trumbull (“2001: A Space Odyssey”) and Syd Mead. In this podcast both Morris and Rocha cover the background of the film’s production, plus the legacy of this film including the various editions Ridley Scott made. I’ll include all links to Steve and John’s social media pages after the jump. . John and Steve have also done podcasts on STAR WARS directed by George Lucas, and their very first podcast was dedicated to the Steven Spielberg film and Harrison Ford classic, RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, both of which I will post here at a later date, for now please sit back for about two hours and enjoy this aural pleasure

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Steve Morris & John Rocha On Social Media

Warner Brothers dropped a new trailer for Harrison’s upcoming sequel to BLADE RUNNER. Here we see more of Harrison who is reprising his role as Rick Deckard.

On behalf of HARRISON FORD ONLINE I’d like to wish Harrison the greatest of days. He turns 75 today and I’m hoping he spends it with Calista, Liam, Will, Ben, Will and Georgia. I’m hoping his friends shower him with love and goodness. Hoist a glass of wine there Harrison and here’s to another 75.

A while back I had thought of creating a fansite for the incredible Harrison Ford. The reason was because I’m a little older than your average faniste creator and because of that I have collected quite a bit of memorabilia from Harrison’s burgeoning film work from STAR WARS (back when it was called STAR WARS, no A New Hope or Episode IV), RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, BLADE RUNNER, RETURN OF THE JEDI, INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM and much more. I have a ton of articles and collectors booklets and such that are what some would call geeky. This is stuff that can’t be found anywhere else on the web, but I’ll be sharing with you. However, first things first. There are a lot of changes I want to make to the site to bring it into line with my other fansites, namely rearranging the gallery, reconfiguring the sidebar, checking for dead links, and updating the affiliates and partner sites. While Alikat did an amazing job of posting the screencaps and such that she has, I want to make it more consolidated in some areas, but in others make it again more like my other sites. This will include updating a lot of the screencaps, magazine scans, and updating the photos sections in terms of events Harrison has attended. I also want to set up a proper press section for the site. For now I’m going to leave the layout as it is since Ali only put this up a little while ago, but I’ll soon be updating the layout as well. So for now, my name is Dianne and I really want to thank you for sticking by here while I get a feel for the place. Take care and here’s to more Harrison Ford.


EW – This Sunday marks the 35th anniversary of Blade Runner, the iconic sci-fi noir from director Ridley Scott. What better way to celebrate — and help ramp up our anticipation for the upcoming sequel — than an exclusive look at Blade Runner 2049? “We are running towards the finishing line right now,” director Denis Villeneuve (Arrival) told EW recently. “We are elated. It feels like Christmas as we look at the completed shots.”


We know what he means. Just take a look at the video above, titled Blade Runner 2049: Time to Live, which boasts nearly four minutes from the film along with behind-the-scenes footage. Beginning with Officer K (Ryan Gosling) walking through what looks like deserted casino while Frank Sinatra’s “One For My Baby (And One More For the Road)” plays on the soundtrack, the completely compelling world of 2049 unfolds — a teeming city with holograms the size of skyscrapers, weather that has gone berserk, Jared Leto playing a mysterious someone named “Wallace,” and, of course, the welcome return of Harrison Ford as Rick Deckard.

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