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Film reviewer Chris Stuckmann (click on his name to reach his Twitter account) has a review of BLADE RUNNER on his Youtube channel. He explains his need for multiple viewings in order to come to the conclusion the film is a masterpiece. My having seen it back in 1982 means I’ve known this for decades now. Please take a look at Chris’ review and form your own opinions, though I have a feeling you’ll come to the same conclusions. I will post his review of BLADE RUNNER 2049 when he uploads it.

John Rocha at Collider Video give us an excellent primer for BLADE RUNNER 2049 from the original 1982 film starring our guy Harrison. Here Rocha gives us a rundown of the first film directed by Ridley Scott. He covers mostly the main points, but is pretty good. I love his enthusiasm when talking about this film And of course he and Steve Morris did an excellent podcast for the first film that can be found in this post BLADE RUNNER PODCAST. Please check out that post for two hours of the most critical analysis I’ve seen on the film. And thanks to The Rocha Says.

Harrison sat down for an interview with the Build Series about BLADE RUNNER 2049 about revisiting his character Rick Deckard, working with Ryan Gosling, Jared Leto, film director Denis Villeneuve. He’s his typical laconic and gruff self, but then we wouldn’t have Harrison any other way. Would we? Special thanks to Inukshuk for the find.

Here director Ridley Scott explains his favourite scene from the original BLADE RUNNER starring our guy as Rick Deckard. As usual Ridley is his most self-congratulatory self. And with reason.

A special treat of Harrison from 1966. The film was DEAD HEAT ON A MERRY-GO-ROUND and it was Harrison’s first film. Here he was uncredited as a Bellhop who needs to find “Mr. Ellis” to deliver a telephone message to. Harrison was a young nubile 22-years-old, a mere baby. A funny story surrounds his role in this film.

Ford said in a 1984 interview, around the time Return of the Jedi was released, that his first, small performance as a bellboy in 1966’s Dead Heat on a Merry-Go-Round did not go over well with a Columbia executive who called the then 22-year-old into his office to berate him.

“He called me into his office and said, ‘I want to tell you a story, kid.’ Kid, he always called me kid. He was about 15 minutes older that I was,” Ford began. “He said, ‘First time Tony Curtis was ever in a movie … he delivered a bag of groceries, a bag of groceries, kid. And you took one look at that guy, and you knew that was a movie star.'”

Ford fired back: “Well I thought that was supposed to be a delivery boy!”

Ford was fired, he said.

Although Ford — most identifiable with the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises — has told that story of the sour encounter in previous talk show appearances, it was in the Jedi interview that he joked that the executive ended up working for him once he became a star.

At the end of Ford’s story, the interviewer asks if he knows where that executive is now.

Ford looks around and responds, “Jerry, can we have some more coffee?”

Too funny I think.

According to Entertainment Weekly the next INDIANA JONES film will not feature Shia LaBeouf. LaBeouf of course played the part of Mutt Williams in INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL, the son of Indy and Marion Ravenwood (Karen Allen). Indy and Marion finally married in the film and there is no word even if Karen Allen will be appearing. Personally I’m hoping she will. It took a long time for Indy and Marion to finally tie the knot and I think without her Indy is sort of rudderless. My own opinion, nothing more. Article below.

Indiana Jones 5 won’t feature Shia LaBeouf’s character

‘We’ve got a script we’re mostly happy with,’ screenwriter David Koepp tells EW

Joey Nolfi@joeynolfi

Posted on September 4, 2017 at 8:00am EDT

Will an Indiana Jones protege soon snatch the iconic wide-brimmed fedora from atop Harrison Ford’s head? Perhaps, but it won’t be Mutt Williams — a.k.a. Indy’s son, Henry Jones III — the character Shia LaBeouf played in 2008’s Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

“Harrison plays Indiana Jones, that I can certainly say,” screenwriter David Koepp, who has penned a script for the fifth film in the storied Indiana Jones franchise, tells EW. “And the Shia LaBeouf character is not in the film.”

Koepp’s confirmation follows wide speculation that Ford, who originated the role of the globetrotting adventurer in 1981’s Raiders of the Lost Ark, would eventually abdicate his throne to a younger actor as the series progressed under Steven Spielberg’s direction. Kingdom of the Crystal Skull‘s ending even teased LaBeouf’s character’s potential future in the series, with a closing scene that saw the iconic headpiece ride a breeze and land at the Even Stevens actor’s feet, before Ford swooped in to grab it out of his hands and place it back on his own head.

While Mutt won’t be embarking on any perilous journeys alongside his father any time soon, Koepp says he and Spielberg are largely satisfied with the current version of the screenplay, and production could begin in the near future.

“We’re plugging away at it. In terms of when we would start, I think that’s up to Mr. Spielberg and Mr. Ford,” he continues, playfully teasing that the plot will involve “some precious artifact that they’re all looking for” throughout the film. “I know we’ve got a script we’re mostly happy with. Work will be endless, of course, and ongoing, and Steven just finished shooting The Post …. If the stars align, hopefully it’ll be his next film.”

After appearing in Crystal Skull, LaBeouf, whose representatives did not return EW’s request for comment, criticized the production in a 2010 interview with the Los Angeles Times. He told the paper he felt as if he “dropped the ball on the legacy that people loved and cherished,” and that Ford wasn’t happy with the film either. Ford later responded by calling his costar a “f—g idiot” for his comments.


Collider.com has an exclusive look at a short video that explains what happened between the original film to the new one. Director Denis Villeneuve introduces this video that is directed by Luke Scott who is the son of original BLADE RUNNER director Ridley Scott. This does not feature Harrison, rather Jared Leto and Benedict Wong.

Collider is happy to exclusively premiere a Blade Runner 2049 prequel short film “in-world” piece that explains what happened in the world of Blade Runner between the first movie, set in 2019, and this sequel, set in 2049. The short film “Nexus: 2036” takes place in the year 2036 and revolves around Jared Leto’s character, Niander Wallace. In this short, directed by Luke Scott (Morgan), Wallace introduces a new line of “perfected” replicants called the Nexus 9, seeking to get the prohibition on replicants repealed. This no doubt has serious ramifications that will be crucial to the plot of Blade Runner 2049.

At Comic-Con this summer, Warner Bros. unveiled a teaser that offered a bullet point rundown of the events that have occurred in the Blade Runner timeline since Ridley Scott’s original movie. This “in-world” piece is one of three short films that will debut ahead of Blade Runner 2049, which will further flesh out the Blade Runner universe with even more information. In 2023, government authorities legislated an indefinite “prohibition” on replicant production, as a year prior a massive EMP detonated on the West Coast and is pinned on Replicants. So in this Wallace piece, we’ll see the beginnings of the new Replicants that are created after the prohibition is lifted.

In Blade Runner 2049, thirty years after the events of the first film, a new blade runner, LAPD Officer K (Ryan Gosling), unearths a long-buried secret that has the potential to plunge what’s left of society into chaos. K’s discovery leads him on a quest to find Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford), a former LAPD blade runner who has been missing for 30 years.

So, you might have noticed the main site was down for a bit. Yep, I was putting up a new layout for both here and the gallery. Plus I was working on the new press section for the site. I still have a few tweaks to do, but I thought I’d get everything back online so that I could keep you abreast of everything going on. And onto the bad news…. I’ve deleted the Facebook page. I’m sorry to have had to do that, but I was so tired of people thinking that page was Harrison after me telling so many that it wasn’t. I also put it in the header of the page and still people didn’t pay attention. That page will not come back no matter how much you beg for it. I’ve never used an exclusive Facebook page for any of my sites and I don’t intend to now. Plus I want to encourage as many of Harrison’s fans to post to this site sooner than someplace else. The Twitter account is still open and that will remain so. I’m also working on a new affilates page. I’m hoping to have that all worked out soon. You might also notice some new pages and others that have been reworked. I wanted to bring those pages up to my site standard that I have on my other sites. I’ve removed Alikat’s sites and put in my own. Those you can find under the Ex Libris in the sidebar. I’ve also reorganized the gallery main page to again bring it into line with my other galleries. I still have a lot of organizing that needs to be done there so if you see things changing before your eyes, don’t be alarmed it’s only me behind the scenes. What I want to do is to make the gallery more streamlined. I’ve also included Harrison’s STAR WARS and Indy films into the main films section since I like to give a progression of how [ enter fansite subject name here ] has evolved over a time. I’m also going to be working on the screencaps for the gallery to bring those up to my standard. All in all I hope you like the new changes and want to still stick around. Thanks for hanging.

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