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I Can’t Get Away From That ”Damn” Indiana Jones Theme Music

June 16th, 2016

rs_634x927-150305160329-1024.harrison-ford-raidersE NEWS – Harrison Ford really does have a soundtrack to his life—it’s the iconic music of the Indiana Jones franchise.


“That damn music follows me everywhere,” Ford cracked last night at the American Film Institute Life Achievement gala honoring composer John Williams. “They play it every time I walk on stage, every time I walk off a stage. It was playing in the operating room when I went in for my colonoscopy.


“I was walking down a crowded street in New York a couple of months ago and there was a big fire truck stuck in traffic that I passed in the opposite direction,” he continued. “Some guy leaned out of the cab and gave me one of those [Ford makes a groaning noise]. By the time I got to the end of the truck that music was blaring out of the loud speakers in the truck!”


Other presenters at the star-studded event at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood included Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, George Lucas, Drew Barrymore, Kobe Bryant and Seth MacFarlane. Famed conductor Gustavo Dudamel led a small orchestra playing music from Schindler’s List.


“To play a character graced by John’s music, of course, is a real gift,” Ford said. “Music is the spice, it’s the salt and pepper in every film recipe that brings the whole thing together.”


Williams has won five Oscars after being nominated a staggering 50 times. His other works include Jaws, Star Wars, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Memoirs of a Geisha, Munich, Jurassic Park, Harry Potter and so many others. He is the first composer to be given AFI’s Life Achievement Award.


Lucas recalled first discussing Indiana Jones with Spielberg. “Steve and I sat on the beach to talk about the story of Indy and instantly we both said at the same time, ‘John has to write the music,'” Lucas said. “Steve said, ‘Great, that’s the most important part. Let’s go have lunch and we can write the story later.'”


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