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EW – If you have the chance to talk to one of the most celebrated scruffy smugglers in the galaxy, what do you ask? In celebration of the upcoming DVD release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens in April, Han Solo himself took over EW’s Tumblr page to talk about acting advice, his love for Hamilton, and what movies he likes to watch.


The actor answered burning fan questions that included everything from how he likes his coffee (in a cup, of course) to if fellow Star Wars cast member John Boyega really is his best friend (“Whatever John says…”). And yes, he addressed THAT scene in The Force Awakens…


Read a round-up of Harrison Ford’s best responses below.


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At a gala in aid of charity FACES (Finding A Cure for Epilepsy and Seizures,) actor Harrison Ford talked about his personal connection to epilepsy, and his demise in the latest “Star Wars” film. (March 8)

SLASHFILM – The hype and buzz around Star Wars: The Force Awakens is starting to die down along with the film’s box office haul (it lost to The Revenant and Ride Along 2 last weekend), but that doesn’t mean there isn’t cool stuff to hear about the sci-fi blockbuster. In fact, just one day after the film hit theaters back in December, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences had a conversation with some of the key filmmakers on the film, including director J.J. Abrams, producer Kathleen Kennedy, writer Lawrence Kasdan, star Harrison Ford and more. That conversation is finally available to watch online.


Here’s the Star Wars: The Force Awakens panel from The Academy Conversations:


In addition to the aforementioned names, the panel also includes production designer Rick Carter, visual effects supervisor Roger Guyett and costume designer Michel Kaplan. Even though it’s only a 15-minute talk, they provide some decent insight into their mindset when taking on such a Herculean task as making a new Star Wars movie.


Lawrence Kasdan talks about intentionally evoking the feeling people had when they saw the first Star Wars while Harrison Ford talks about how he genuinely had a great time every day that he was on set. That probably doesn’t apply to the day a hydraulic door broke his leg, but you get what he’s trying to say.


You can check out even more cool chats with the filmmakers and cast members from some of 2015’s biggest movies, such as The Hateful Eight and Creed, at the Oscars YouTube page right here. And if you’re looking for some more recent insight into the making of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, check out our interview with Neal Scanlan — creature & droid effects creative supervisor, creature shop concept designer, creature shop head — and SFX supervisor Chris Corbould.

GQ – Han Solo never wants you to tell him the odds, but Star Wars: The Force Awakens is a sure thing to break box-office records, due in no small part to Harrison Ford. Here, in an exclusive interview, he tells GQ of his doubts over Disney’s takeover, why he has never had heroes and what it’s like to play the most beloved film character of modern times. May the Ford be with you…


“I don’t want all this to take all f***ing day.” The words Harrison Ford, 73, not so much spoke as snarled at me yesterday afternoon while discussing our lunch plans are still, 24 hours later, smarting like refined sugar hitting an exposed tooth cavity.


Walking up the steep drive that leads to the actor’s Los Angeles seven-bedroom, nine-bathroom, $12.6 million new build, found sunk among the coyote-patrolled LA foothills just north of Santa Monica, in a bid to clear the fug caused by a combination of jet lag and last night’s ill-advised three-Negroni supper, I go over the main points of what I know of the legendary actor one last time.


Accrued ticket sales of $3.9 billion (£2.5bn). A career that spans six decades. One of Hollywood’s most successful leading men. A staunch environmentalist. Flies his own Cessna Citation private jet. Also owns one vintage yellow-and-chrome Ryan PT-22 Recruit two-seater training plane – a little scratched on the nose. He’s something of a curmudgeon who has an alleged penchant for Seth Rogen-sized doobies. A man who enjoys woodwork, he once built a sun deck for Sally Kellerman from M*A*S*H and a $100,000 recording studio for Brazilian musician Sérgio Mendes. He actually likes snakes. A spider has been named after him: Calponia harrisonfordi.


Oh, one more thing: this month he will appear as Han Solo in Disney’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which, you may have heard, could easily be described as the most highly anticipated post-prequel sequel of all time. (Luckily for JJ Abrams, Frozen 2 isn’t slated until 2017.)


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E! ONLINE – While millennials were barely a glimmer in their parent’s eyes in 1992, Harrison Ford was already a bonafide movie star.


At 40 years old, the acclaimed Hollywood hunk had already won audiences’ hearts in a handful of blockbuster roles, including Jack Trainer in Working Girl, the adventurous Indiana Jones, and—of course—as Han Solo in the beloved Star Wars franchise.


When he sat down with E! News 23 years ago, despite decades of overwhelming fame, he couldn’t shake the memory of his early years as a struggling onscreen hopeful.


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Here’s just some of the red carpet interviews from the Premiere in London.

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