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Awkward must-see: Jon Favreau hits up Harrison Ford for ‘Cowboys’ sequel

December 15th, 2015

USA TODAY – Sometimes a mega-movie premiere like Star Wars: The Force Awakens is just not big enough.


Like when Jon Favreau found Harrison Ford and hit him up with that terrible sequel idea for Cowboys & Aliens.


Yes, that happened.


As this AWESOME, hilarious (and frankly slightly awkward) video shows, Favreau was lurking behind Ford who was doing interviews about The Force Awakens on the red carpet Monday night.


“Ask him about Cowboys & Aliens,” Favreau finally said, causing Ford to jolt a little in surprise. “When is that sequel?”


The two, of course, worked on 2011’s Cowboys & Aliens with Daniel Craig. Despite the star power, let’s face it, it was a big bust with a total domestic gross of $100,000 on a $163 million movie.


A clearly surprised Ford laughed and then threw out a meeting time to discuss. You know, later. Like, um, Wednesday between 3 and 5 (a.m. or p.m. was not specified).


“Did you change your number again?” Favreau asked as he exited.


“Yes, and I’m going to go back to change it again,” Ford laughed.


Classic moment. But, um Jon, we don’t think you should pencil in that Monday meeting.


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