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So, you might have noticed the main site was down for a bit. Yep, I was putting up a new layout for both here and the gallery. Plus I was working on the new press section for the site. I still have a few tweaks to do, but I thought I’d get everything back online so that I could keep you abreast of everything going on. And onto the bad news…. I’ve deleted the Facebook page. I’m sorry to have had to do that, but I was so tired of people thinking that page was Harrison after me telling so many that it wasn’t. I also put it in the header of the page and still people didn’t pay attention. That page will not come back no matter how much you beg for it. I’ve never used an exclusive Facebook page for any of my sites and I don’t intend to now. Plus I want to encourage as many of Harrison’s fans to post to this site sooner than someplace else. The Twitter account is still open and that will remain so. I’m also working on a new affilates page. I’m hoping to have that all worked out soon. You might also notice some new pages and others that have been reworked. I wanted to bring those pages up to my site standard that I have on my other sites. I’ve removed Alikat’s sites and put in my own. Those you can find under the Ex Libris in the sidebar. I’ve also reorganized the gallery main page to again bring it into line with my other galleries. I still have a lot of organizing that needs to be done there so if you see things changing before your eyes, don’t be alarmed it’s only me behind the scenes. What I want to do is to make the gallery more streamlined. I’ve also included Harrison’s STAR WARS and Indy films into the main films section since I like to give a progression of how [ enter fansite subject name here ] has evolved over a time. I’m also going to be working on the screencaps for the gallery to bring those up to my standard. All in all I hope you like the new changes and want to still stick around. Thanks for hanging.

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