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Harrison Ford OnlineA Fansite for a Legend

Harrison FordOnline

A Fansite for a Legend

Gallery Update

May 20th, 2017
harrison ford online




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3 Comments on “Gallery Update

  1. Donna Jurovcik
    / Reply

    Thanks for reply on my Donna Jurovcik facebook in which you state “working on problem” (in response to how dark this new website is … the black is so dark…. as i write this, really so dark…..like writing with gray chalk on walls of a cave where there is only a candle light … think I seen that in ione of your movies….you are hero in our lives……i really truly admire you.& family …your carpentry work so you, too.

    1. AliKat
      / Reply

      The theme has been changed to hopefully something more easy to read!

      1. Donna Jurovcik
        / Reply

        Love it….cool!

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