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SLASHFILM – The hype and buzz around Star Wars: The Force Awakens is starting to die down along with the film’s box office haul (it lost to The Revenant and Ride Along 2 last weekend), but that doesn’t mean there isn’t cool stuff to hear about the sci-fi blockbuster. In fact, just one day after the film hit theaters back in December, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences had a conversation with some of the key filmmakers on the film, including director J.J. Abrams, producer Kathleen Kennedy, writer Lawrence Kasdan, star Harrison Ford and more. That conversation is finally available to watch online.


Here’s the Star Wars: The Force Awakens panel from The Academy Conversations:


In addition to the aforementioned names, the panel also includes production designer Rick Carter, visual effects supervisor Roger Guyett and costume designer Michel Kaplan. Even though it’s only a 15-minute talk, they provide some decent insight into their mindset when taking on such a Herculean task as making a new Star Wars movie.


Lawrence Kasdan talks about intentionally evoking the feeling people had when they saw the first Star Wars while Harrison Ford talks about how he genuinely had a great time every day that he was on set. That probably doesn’t apply to the day a hydraulic door broke his leg, but you get what he’s trying to say.


You can check out even more cool chats with the filmmakers and cast members from some of 2015’s biggest movies, such as The Hateful Eight and Creed, at the Oscars YouTube page right here. And if you’re looking for some more recent insight into the making of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, check out our interview with Neal Scanlan — creature & droid effects creative supervisor, creature shop concept designer, creature shop head — and SFX supervisor Chris Corbould.

One Response to “The Academy’s ‘The Force Awakens’ Chat with J.J. Abrams, Harrison Ford & More”
  1. Catherine Pinkston says:

    First I was to say how HUGE of a fan I am. I have always told my sons that there are certain star / characters that everyone loves & admirs.
    First on the list is Hans Solo, Indiana Jones, Jack Ryan then Sean Connery. I know lots of fans in my generation that walked out of the Force Awakens when Hans Solo was killed. I will always remember the very long lines to go see the first ones when America didn’t really know who Harrison Ford was and we all feel in love with Hans Solo. My youngest son told me that Harrison Ford didnt want to make any more Star Wars movie’s. They could have at least sent you & Princess Leia off into the Galaxy Far Far away not having to kill your character. For your loyal fans that have followed you all of these years it was a major blow. I got my boys to watch the original movies and they were very impressed and loved them. Just as I got my oldest son to watch Gold Finger and tell me who is the best James Bond ever. I was in movie bliss when Sean Connery portrayed Indiana John father. It’s been a dream to meet Harrison Ford one dream that won’t come true. You just don’t kill Hans Solo, Indiana Jones, Jack Ryan or Sean Connery. They even let Paul Walker ride off. I guess that everyone is looking to get the next generation of fans yet the loyal fans that helped make the career are very disappointed. Will I see the others NO. No disrespect to Carrie Fisher but Hans Solo made the Star Wars movies. Always a fan, yet feel betrayed. I can probably scratch off my list of ever meeting my number ONE hero.
    Appreciate the memories.

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