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GQ – Han Solo never wants you to tell him the odds, but Star Wars: The Force Awakens is a sure thing to break box-office records, due in no small part to Harrison Ford. In an exclusive interview in the lastest issue of GQ, he talks of his doubts over Disney’s takeover, why he has never had heroes and what it’s like to play the most beloved film character of modern times. May the Ford be with you…


Han Solo has changed in The Force Awakens


“I think all the elements of Solo are somewhat preserved in the next movie. The fallibility remains, if we’re to call it that, although we don’t pretend that he is the same person or the same age as he was then. He has been changed inside and out… [He’s been through the] same old shit every man goes through. Disappointment. His disappointments and the disappointments he’s produced in other people.”


Harrison Ford suggested killing Han Solo off


“I was happy enough with the character but I thought there ought to be… more. As we did a sequel, there was the romance with Leia and the tensions with Luke that I thought was fine, and in the third one I thought let’s have Solo [killed]. I thought let’s get some bottom in this, add some bass notes to this thing. To me [killing Solo] seemed like the obvious utility, to have him whacked and create some drama. That didn’t happen. And thank God no one listened to me!”


Harrison Ford: I didn’t crash my plane 001


“I didn’t crash. The fucking plane crashed! It was pretty simple. There was one major issue. I didn’t have to think about anything but one thing. In that way, it wasn’t as scary as you might think. It was, ‘I only have one problem right now and that is that I don’t have an engine.’ I had to find somewhere to land and I can’t make it to the airport. All this happened very fast you understand.”


However, it’s not all about Han Solo. In our issue dedicated to the latest installment of the Star Wars franchise, you’ll also find tidbits about the film from Ford’s superstar colleagues…


Gwendoline Christie on becoming part of another huge franchise


“I’m an idiot. An idiot. Rather naively I don’t always think about the other aspects. I just think, ‘Ooh! Star Wars, that would be exciting…’ I never once actually thought, ‘This is for life.'”


John Boyega on his character, Finn:


“When I’ve spoken with JJ [Abrams], he would use other films to explain him, like Will Smith from Independence Day or Chris Pratt from Guardians Of The Galaxy.”



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